The Productive Indie Fiction Writer is dedicated to helping indie fiction authors get more out of their writing and their lives.  In today’s indie fiction world, the ability to write and publish quickly, while still writing well, gives the indie author a powerful advantage.

Do you want to be prolific?

Being prolific and writing fast are learnable skills.  I know that, because I live the life and trained myself to write faster, to aim for higher productivity, while still enjoying life.  You’ll find lots of help on this site.

Are you already a prolific writer?

If you write very quickly, publishing many books each year, and have a huge backlist, you face unique challenges.  I know all about those issues, for I deal with them myself.  As of January 2020, my backlist had 165 unique titles and I’m adding a book every 4 weeks…and a book every six weeks under a different pen name!

You will find ideas, resources and strategies here that you won’t find anywhere else, for prolific indie authors are a new but growing demographic.  Also check this page.

About Tracy

I have been writing professionally since 1999, won national awards, hit #1 on Amazon, and been published in hard cover, paperback, trade paperback and ebooks.

I write in three major popular fiction genres; Romance, Thrillers and Science Fiction, and won various awards, including the national Emma Darcy Award.


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