Have every PIFW post
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It’s pretty simple. Every post that pops up here can be sent to your email inbox about 30 minutes later. So you don’t have to remember to check back here.

In addition, I’ll provide two productivity tools I use myself, every day. They are:

  1. The Excel spreadsheet template for my Production Schedule, and
  2. The Excel spredsheet template for my Word Count tracker.

For more information about Production Schedules, see this series of posts.

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the files, they’re pretty self-explanatory.

They’re also incredibly useful.

The series of posts about Production Schedules covers that template.

The Word Count tracker is a day by day record of how much you actually write. It will give you an average day and hourly word rate. This will help you figure out how many books you can write in a year.

The Tracker is also a great way of motivating yourself to write more, and write faster. You can watch your average climb every day.

Fill in the form, then check your inbox for the confirmation link, and the templates will be sent to you a couple of minutes later. After that, PIFW posts will start to arrive in your inbox.


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