As a writer, you know that you should offer a magnet to readers, to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

That puts me in a bit of a quandary because this site is a public journal documenting my 2018 productivity experiment.  Part of the experiment includes writing the material for this site, and two other sites, plus a full-time writing business.  See here for more details about the scope of the experiment.

That means the magnet I should offer you hasn’t been written yet.

Don’t click away yet!

For now, I offer you two productivity tools that I use myself, every single day.  They are the Excel spreadsheet templates for my Production Schedule and my Word Count tracker.

Over the early weeks on this site, I’ll explain a lot more about how I use them, although once you’ve downloaded and opened the files, they’re pretty self-explanatory all by themselves.

They’re also incredibly useful.

The Production Schedule will help you build a publishing schedule for a year, or even two or more years — or as many years as you want.  This gives you one of the most valuable factors of indie publishing:  Control.

You’ll know exactly how many books or stories you can publish in a year.  You’ll also know if you’re sliding behind schedule, which acts as a perfect kick up the rear, to get you back on track.

The Word Count tracker is a day by day record of how much you actually write.  It will give you an average day and hourly word rate.  This will help you figure out how many books you can write in a year.

The Tracker is also a great way of motivating yourself to write more, and write faster.  You can watch your average climb every day.

As I develop this site, any new bonuses and tools I develop will be passed on to you as a newsletter subscriber, so you won’t miss out just because you jumped on board early.