Are You Prolific?

Edgar Castrejon

The precise definition of “prolific” is open to argument.  One author’s struggle to write a book a year is another author’s ten month vacation.

Does this define you:

You’re writing, producing and publishing a lot of books.  Multiples per year, and would like to write even more.

Time management is an on-going issue.

If you’re not writing full time yet, the day job is a serious impediment to your productivity.

Juggling release dates, backlist maintenance, income streams, and distributors is a major time sink.

Author groups and hangouts offer little in the way of relevant help and support, because no one has to deal with your issues.  They’re still figuring out how to get a book written.

If you bothered with NaNoWriMo, November would be an gear-down month for you.

If this is you (or who you would like to be), then The Productive Indie Fiction Writer speaks your language.  You’ll find strategies, hints, help and more here.

You’re found good company.


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