Weekly Log – May 22, 2018

  Another steady week.  I’ve just realized that if I do settle into a productive rhythm, then these work log posts will become utterly boring. But that’s actually a good thing.  No drama, steady output–it’s what creativity feeds upon. Last week’s log: MONDAY 0 TUESDAY 0 WEDNESDAY 0 THURSDAY 0 FRIDAY 0 SATURDAY 6,048 I fought with […]

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Weekly Log – May 14, 2018

It was a nice, steady week. Last week’s log: MONDAY 8,599 TUESDAY 5,690 WEDNESDAY 6,327 THURSDAY 0 FRIDAY 0 SATURDAY 0 SUNDAY 0 I finished the book just before noon on Wednesday, so for the rest of the week I have been cleaning up that manuscript and plotting the next book.  The next book is

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