Weekly Log – May 22, 2018


Another steady week.  I’ve just realized that if I do settle into a productive rhythm, then these work log posts will become utterly boring.

But that’s actually a good thing.  No drama, steady output–it’s what creativity feeds upon.

Last week’s log:


I fought with the plot of this new book quite a bit, as you can see.  I should have started writing it on Monday, but took an extra five days to nail the outline.

That doesn’t stress me too much, because I am sure I will finish writing the manuscript ahead of time, anyway.  We’ll see.

You’ll also note I don’t have Sunday on the log.  That’s because I changed things up a bit after discussing it with the DH.

I have a number of other “hobbies” that result in practical output — making clothes is one aspect, and the resulting savings and quality of garments is hard to give up, just because I don’t have enough time.

So I made time.  It was actually the DH’s idea–use Saturday as a “normal” weekday, which would incorporate the two hours I used to write on Sundays.  Then Sunday can be devoted to other crafts.

This actually has the benefit of giving me a complete mental break from the current book.  At least, I’m told taking a break is beneficial.  We’ll see.

I do admit that I looked forward to Sunday all week.  It helped me sit in the chair and keep writing.

Also, by making Saturday a normal work day, I’m actually gaining in writing hours.  Not by much — but an extra hour per week adds up.

Meantime, back to work — all of us.


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