Trying Times

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you determine that, yes, you are going to commit to completing whatever big or small project is in front of you, it is as if the world heard you, rubbed its hands in glee, and threw all sorts of roadblocks up to test if you’re really sincere

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Picking Up Speed

Picking Up Speed A Bit… A quick housekeeping note, keeping you updated as promised. A couple of days ago, I met with my oncology team to wrap up my active chemotherapy treatments. I’m still in remission, and my personal plan going forward is a lifestyle review and strenuous rehabilitation program, in order to make the

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Taking a bit of time…

I’m taking a bit of time out from posting. The latest round of chemotherapy is kicking my butt, plus I’m also trying to juggle a near-normal writing schedule, and something’s gotta give. However, I am working on a project for PIFW that I’ll be able to talk about in a week or so. See you

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Slowing…but not stopping.

If you only read this blog of mine, and not any of my author blogs or social media, then it might have seemed like everything was ticking along nicely here. In actual fact, for several weeks now I have been working through a personal health crisis, utterly unable to spare any attention to The Productive

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Even More Oh No!

The image, I’m afraid, is not a metaphor. Yesterday, full of energy and determination, I headed out into the garden to cut a new bed for our veggies this year. Forty minutes later, I found myself flat on my back, with my arm screaming at me. I had fallen, and tried to save myself with

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No post this week.

The pinched nerve in my neck is getting the better of me. After the better part of a week spent in bed, I crawled to the desk today and several hours later have only just combed through all my emails. I’m in severe emergency mode, and still not at 100% capacity. I’ll see you next

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I’m holding a series of one-off Mastermind-styled meetings on Zoom throughout January & February.  These will be structured meetings with a maximum of five people.   Each author in their turn will explain what problem(s) they want to solve, or what goals they want to reach this year, and the group will help figure out possible


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