Trying Times

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you determine that, yes, you are going to commit to completing whatever big or small project is in front of you, it is as if the world heard you, rubbed its hands in glee, and threw all sorts of roadblocks up to test if you’re really sincere about it.

That’s what happened to me.  I decided that yes, dammit, I was going to get back to regularly blogging on PIFW…and all hell broke lose.

In fact, it isn’t really that the world decided to test you (or me).  It’s just that if you hadn’t started your project and taken action on even the first smallest step, then nothing would have happened in reaction.  

You wouldn’t have discovered that your subscription to the software service that you really need to get your project done has expired.  You wouldn’t have been looking/trying to use it.

You wouldn’t have got that flat tire on the highway on your way to buy the labelling system that will finally help get you organized…you simply wouldn’t have been on the road in the first place. 

You can reframe your viewpoint so that when roadblocks and issues like this crop up as you’re just getting going with your project, you can see them as nothing more than evidence that you’re progressing, and getting things done.

Ditto, me.  Although my roadblock is a bit of a major issue.  The site host where I have been keeping the Productive Indie Fiction site has become…well, let’s just say it’s unwieldy and does not provide a good user experience. 

No, let’s be frank.  The site crashes endlessly, even with just a few clicks of your mouse.

I finally got sick of it when trying to do all my promised posts…and the substance hit the fan when the site simply wouldn’t save anything.

I’ve had serious discussions with the site host, and not got satisfactory answers, so now I have found another host (Hostinger), and will be rebuilding PIFW over the next few weeks as a staging site behind the scenes, before unveiling it to you. 

In the meantime, this site may continue to fritz and misbehave, even on the new host site (which should kick in within the next few days), because part of the problem is the early 2000’s WordPress theme I’ve been using, which is notorious for scaling into bloatware after a bit of use. 

But I’m hoping the better resources at the new site will eliminate some of those issues, while I frantically rebuild the staging site with a new, ultra light theme.


In the meantime, The Productive Indie Fiction Writer has been released on Stories Rule Press this morning.  If you pre-ordered, your copy will be waiting for you in your BookFunnel library ( 

The Productive Indie Fiction Writer

Strategies for Writing More, Earning More, and Living Well

Proven tactics from an author of 200+ fiction titles.

Is your indie writing business overwhelming you?  Are you flailing, looking for the way to increase your revenue?

Are you constantly buying courses, watching webinars and wondering how to get ahead?

There is so much information available for indies that, often, we don’t know where to start or who to trust.

Dip into The Productive Indie Fiction Writer and learn how to deal with everything that comes at you on a daily basis.  Get back control of your writing career not by adopting yet another system, or buying yet another expensive technological solution, but by going back to basics.

Get organized.  Get a handle on your writing business…and your life.

Writing, Research & Publishing Guides | Publishing & Books | Authorship


Introduction: It’s time to stop the madness
About You.
Section I:  Writing More
The Power of Prolificacy: Why Writing More Matters
Backlist is Holy
Does Writing Fast = Crap?
Build a Writing Routine You Can Stick To
Keep Word Count Logs
How to Build A Workable, Useful Production Schedule
Using your production schedule and writing schedule.
Procrastination, Resistance and Ducking The Writing
Textual Shorthand For Manuscripts, or: Do NOT Click Away!
Resenting the Schedule
5 More Powerful Strategies to Defeat Resistance
Anyone Can Write Faster. Even You.
How to Juggle Your Production Schedule So You’re Never Bored.
The Flip Side To Beating Resistance.
Hitting the Mattresses
Watch, thou, for thy mutant voice!
Section II:  Thriving In the Indie Publishing World
5 Types Of Writing Sprints – And Why You Need This Tool
Managing The Tsunami Of Information
Direct Sales Is a Tactic For the Productive Writer
Should You Use Multiple Pen Names?
The Power Of Short Stories
Write Short
Handling The Costs of Writing Lots of Books
Writing in Series
Backlist Maintenance
9 High Level Hacks to Preserve Your Indie Revenue in Our Current Hard Times
Why Being Productive And Prolific Pays Off In The Long Term
The Last Remaining Temptation Of Indie Authors
Section III:  Living Well
Why “Live Well”?
Re-energize Your Writing In Just One Step
Dealing with Discouragement
Don’t Look Down!
Why You Might Want to Start Moving More
How To Deal with Overwhelm
Is It Really Burnout?
The Case for Writing Less
Slowing…but not stopping.
Where Next?
Final thoughts
Appendix: Recommended Resources


You can also pre-order the book from other retailers, if you prefer.  The book will be released everywhere else on December 28th.

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