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Trying Times

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you determine that, yes, you are going to commit to completing whatever big or small project is in front of you, it is as if the world heard you, rubbed its hands in glee, and threw all sorts of roadblocks up to test if you’re really sincere

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Picking Up Speed

Picking Up Speed A Bit… A quick housekeeping note, keeping you updated as promised. A couple of days ago, I met with my oncology team to wrap up my active chemotherapy treatments. I’m still in remission, and my personal plan going forward is a lifestyle review and strenuous rehabilitation program, in order to make the

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Taking a bit of time…

I’m taking a bit of time out from posting. The latest round of chemotherapy is kicking my butt, plus I’m also trying to juggle a near-normal writing schedule, and something’s gotta give. However, I am working on a project for PIFW that I’ll be able to talk about in a week or so. See you

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