Weekly Log – February 4, 2018



What I learned this week:  If you can just hang in there, regroup and knuckle down, good things come.

After the panic last week when we faced losing one of two monthly incomes, things have settled down a bit.  We won’t be completely without income (insurance and vacation pay will fill in some of the gaps), but it’s going to be tight.  However, if I keep up advertising and production of new titles…in other words, if I stick to my plans, then we should be okay.  Not happy.  Not rolling in it, and possibly some bills will go unpaid for the first time in years, but we’ll survive.

That let me relax and get back to the regularly scheduled program.

Here’s how the week shook out:

Scheduled, “normal” writing

Mon-Fri:  Finished up the plotting on the next romance novel and set up to start writing it.

Sat:  4,057 words on historical.

Sun: 2,961 words on Historical.

Spare time writing

Mon-Sun:  Plotting and Characterization for the first thriller.

Tuesday and Wednesday were sketchy days.  Too busy figuring out how the dip in income could be dealt with.

I was very pleased with progress on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as I finally seemed to get my shit together mentally, enough to get some serious amounts of work done.

One of the things I have always struggled with is sticking to my presumed schedule on weekends.  Because Mark is home and because weekends are ingrained as “free time”, things get flaky and interruptions are rife.

I learned a small trick to dealing with weekends that I will write about in future posts or newsletters.

In the meantime, back to work, all of us.


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