Weekly Log – July 24, 2018 – Holding the Pace (for now)

Last week’s log:

FRIDAY 6,398

For a total of 23,334 words.

I finished plotting the book on Tuesday and starting the first draft on Wednesday.  This is fast by anyone’s count, but the book is the eighth in a series, and not only do I know the story world and all the characters, but the Victorian era setting is super familiar to me.  Also, the central story spine has been set up through the last four books so plotting it was merely a matter of delivering the promise.

However, as Rob commented recently, there are some hacks that will help make your plotting more efficient, which I will explore in a post or two in the future.

The pace for this week was adequate in my estimation.  But the front half of a book is always slower than the second half, so I fully expect the book to tear along next week.

All of this happened while dealing (and I’m still dealing) with the first serious cold I’ve had in years…and it’s kicking my butt.  I spoke about that in this week’s newsletter.



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