Weekly Log – September 19, 2018 – A Solid Week.

Last week’s log:

MONDAY: Plotting
TUESDAY: Plotting
WEDNESDAY: Plotting, and into writing: 3,002 words
THURSDAY:  6,552 words
FRIDAY: 5,067 words
SUNDAY:  5,009

For a total word count of 24,625 words for the week.

It was not a terrible week last week. It was a good solid week in terms of word count. It just wasn’t a spectacular week, which was what I was hoping for.

I had forgotten temporarily that at the beginning of the book, I am always slower than I am at the end.

However, the warp speed pace is starting to tell, so I have decided that this week I will drop back to “normal” pace, and see if there are any opportunities that present themselves that I can capitalize on to increase my word count.

I intend to write as fast as I can, within my normal work hours.

The other reason for switching back to the normal working pace is because there are a lot of production tasks for books lined up for release which need to be taken care of. Editing, formatting, all that good stuff.  While I am maintaining warp speed, it gets pushed aside. However I can only go so long without tending to it. So I will take a week to tackle some of that load and get it off my plate.

I will see how this week of normal pacing goes, then perhaps do another warp speed week after that.

As usual, we will see.


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