Weekly Log – August 7, 2018 – Accelerating

Last week’s log:

MONDAY 9,654

For a total of 19,546 words.

I finished the current book on Tuesday and have been plotting a brand new series for the rest of the week.  Because the series is new there is more research and world building, and characters to develop, so I expect the plotting phase of this book to take longer than normal.

The super-interesting thing about last week was that I wrote 19,546 words in two days.  

The week before, I wrote 19,569 words in seven days.

The dictation software has made that much difference, that quickly.

I usually count on getting 36,000 words written in a full week of writing. If I had maintained that (easy) pace last week across the six days, I would have written 58,638 words!

As I’m still training the software and not pushing my speed, I fully expect that the word count per week will rise higher than that.  How much higher is an open question right now.  I look forward to experimenting, though.

I am currently dictating everything I can.  One of the hiccups I’ve discovered, though, is that I’m self-conscious about dictating when there are other people in the house.  That will require a conversation, I think, to resolve how me talking constantly to myself impinges upon other dwellers’ environment.


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