Weekly Log – June 15: That’s Better!

Photo by anna on Pexels.com

45,519 words last week.

I got the current book finished, plotted and rolled right into the next story. A blog post topped off the count.

This is getting close to the type of productivity and consistency I’m aiming for. I’m not relaxing though. For the week coming up, I want to be as consistent, or better.

Tuesdays are becoming problematic. Grocery shopping takes up several hours in the morning, and disrupts my routine. This week, “better” will mean still having a fully productive day on Tuesday despite the disruptions.

Learning to deal with “out-of-routine” days is important, as we have some really big renovation projects coming up that will demand our time and labour, or our time supervising the labour. I need to be able to write around those projects and keep the word count up.

Good planning will help with this — simply scheduling the necessary writing hours, broken up, into my day. The other half of that is writing when I say I’m going to. That is, consistency.

So…practice week coming up.


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