Weekly Log – March 13, 2018

Ahmed Saffu

It was a productive, but monotonous week.  Progress was made:

TUESDAY 12,602
FRIDAY 6,614

Usual word count goal for the week:  34,800

Word count goal for this week:  As much as possible

Actual word count for this week:  41,952


Just to prove that life likes to throw monkey wrenches, on Monday I didn’t write anything because a health issue flared up, sending me to bed on pain killers.

I got up on Tuesday determined to kick the week in the crotch.  And I did.  Despite even more monkey-wrenches (family commitments, production issues, a book launch), I managed to get at least a normal day’s word count done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  On Tuesday, I got an extra 6K written, and on Saturday, I went for broke and finished the book.  That’s why there’s no word count for Sunday.  I spent Sunday cleaning up the book and preparing it for editing.

I will use Monday (your yesterday) to finish the clean up, and catch up on some important but not urgent production stuff, then get on with the next book.

I’m still on the mattresses, work-wise.  Now that I have finished the book, I can tell that I’m 7 days behind the production schedule.  So I will hammer at the next book to catch up.  Then I can go back to “normal”.

Until then, back to work, all of us.


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