Weekly Log – August 14, 2018 – Gear Down

Last week’s log:

MONDAY 0  Plotting
TUESDAY 0 Plotting
WEDNESDAY 0 Plotting
THURSDAY 0 Conference prep
FRIDAY 0 Conference
SATURDAY 0 Conference

I’m continuing with the driving analogy this week because it’s even more appropriate.

Word count last week was a big fat zero — if I don’t count the nearly two weeks’ worth of posts and emails and newsletters I wrote to cover last week and the weekend.

Manuscript count is zero and that’s okay, too.  I’m still plotting and as I’m officially into the “writing” part of the book on the schedule, it means I’m also officially behind.

That’s not an issue right now.  One of the long, long, rambling discussions I had during the conference (When Words Collide, Calgary AB) has made me focus sharply upon the “spare time” projects I have (a long list) which I never seem to get to.  I started this blog and site to log the work I was doing, including writing books in my spare time.   Calling it “spare time” work is half the problem–it makes the projects seem optional.  They’re not critical, but they are important, and like so much important but not urgent work, they’re being ignored for the “must do” stuff.

So today, apart from catching up on production work, I’m also going to be examining my current weekly schedule and my list of spare time projects, and see what I can do about actually scheduling some of those projects, so they get done.

How much important-but-not-urgent work are you not getting to?

Tomorrow, I get to catch up on the current book.

My gear-down analogy holds:  When you gear-down, it’s to handle a corner, come out of it fast and accelerate after that.  Do it properly, and you gain even more speed.

That’s my plan.


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