Weekly Log – August 21, 2018 – Holding Steady

Last week’s log:

MONDAY 0  Plotting
TUESDAY 0 Plotting
WEDNESDAY 0 Plotting
THURSDAY 3,082 words
FRIDAY 9,090 words
SATURDAY 6,212 words

For a total of 18,384 words over three working days.


Last week was a nice, steady week.  I finished plotting halfway through Thursday morning and immediately rolled over into writing manuscript.

The rest of the week was solid writing.

My plan to tackle the long list of spare time projects is proceeding.  On Sunday, my “day off”, I tackled the first of a long list of projects and bits and pieces that have been building up on the sidelines–in this case, I spent the day (and a bit) uploading all my books to Barnes and Noble, now B&N allow Canadians to publish directly with them.



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