It’s 2022! What will YOU change, this year?

New Year’s Eve resolutions have earned a bad rep, as they’re so easily broken, often before February arrives.

But it is a new year, and there is a strong psychological tendency to think of it as a new slate, a chance to start over.

It’s also a good excuse for thinking about what you want out of 2022 and making plans

But don’t make grand ambitions your focus.  Instead, think about one or two daily habits you’d like to change.  Small ones.  Those that, over time, add up to huge changes (for example, writing for 30 minutes before everyone else rises in the morning).  

What tiny habit would you like to establish in early 2022?

Even though New Year has come and gone, it’s not too late to start acquiring the habits that will enhance your indie fiction career. Pick a day just ahead of today (next Monday is another clean start, too, by the way), and set a tiny little goal of one new habit and work on it until the habit is ingrained.

Then move onto the next one.

And may your 2022 be better than the last two years!


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