Weekly Log – July 10, 2018 – Resetting and moving on.

Last week’s log:


As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, “Missing in Action“, my week was hijacked by two major projects:  Swapping my shopping cart software on my romance site, and swapping email service providers.

I had to take the hit on this–I couldn’t put the work off much longer as the previous services were extremely limited and becoming obstacles.

But it has been an expensive few weeks in productive writing terms.


Today — which is your yesterday — I took another day of non-writing to rework my schedules.

  1. I reworked my daily routine and writing schedule to increase my writing time by an extra hour a day, plus more time for blog posts and site work.

    This is an emergency measure, not a permanent shift.   It will help with step #2:

  2. I reworked my production schedule to artificially compress my deadlines by 1 day, all down the line until the end of the year.

    This will get me six weeks ahead of my real deadlines and give me much needed time off while family visit from Australia.

Getting six weeks ahead has been a goal since early in the year, but I found I was sabotaging myself here and there with stupid stuff, so that I was staying level with my production dates, but not getting ahead.

So I shifted the production dates.  That will “hide” the increasing lead on the real dates.  I’m very good at hitting my deadlines.  I’ve done it for three years so far.  So, I’m using basic psychology to push myself ahead on both production and blog work.

Now I’ve swept the deck clear, I have to live up to this new, and intense, schedule.


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