Weekly Log – June 19, 2018 — Never Get Bored!

Geran de Klerk

I’m so deeply into a half dozen stories at the moment, I had to pull up my writing log to remember what last week was like.

Last week’s log:

MONDAY 8,663
TUESDAY 10,959

For a total of three words short of 32,001 words for the week.

I finished the book that was writing itself on Wednesday.  I spent Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday plotting the next book, then started writing it mid-morning on Saturday.

It was a good week and this week is even better.  I have six books currently in production–that is, they are at some stage between first draft completed, and launched.  That means that on any day I could be working with three or four different novels–editing, cleaning up, formatting, writing marketing materials…this job is never boring!  Even if I hated a particular book (and I never hate them, or I wouldn’t write them), I would still have five others to play with, too.

I’ll talk more about this on Friday.

Meantime, back to work — all of us.


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