Weekly Log – May 19, 2020: Crunch Mode

This week’s log:

Monday: Finished plotting & 4,738 words
Tuesday: 9,776 words
Wednesday: 9,844 words
Thursday: 10,415 words
Friday: 8,231 words
Saturday:  8,427 words
Sunday: 12,138 words

For a total of 63,569 words.

63.5K words, and I’m not done with this book yet.  I have just under half of the outline left.  I’m glad I wrote all through Sunday, as that put me over the middle hump.  I’d be seriously concerned right now if I hadn’t.  As I budgeted time for 70K, and have only one day of writing left, I’m in crunch mode.  The more days I go over my deadline, the less time I have to produce the book before release, and that puts all sorts of strain on street teams, cover artists, editors and patient ad managers.

But it’s a new series, in a new world, in a new genre.  There was bound to be something go awry.  I’m glad it’s merely going too long that is the issue (so far).


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