This week’s log:

Monday: Cleaning up last book and prepping for editing round.
Tuesday: Plotting next book.
Wednesday: Plotting next book.
Thursday: Plotting next book.
Friday: Plotting next book.
Saturday: Plotting next book.

For a total of 0 words for the week.

I finished the plot for book #6 for the year mid-Saturday and took Sunday off, which was very nice–especially as I now do not have to worry about dodging Endgame spoilers.

I’m on track and truckin’ along.

The motivation which I “found” (or dug up and brushed off) a couple of weeks ago is still holding true.  I explained a little bit about why that happened last week, in “What Plate Will You Spin Next“.

There was a second reason why this worked so well for me this time around, which I will explain on Friday.



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