Weekly Log – November 13 – Life, and all that…


I suspected this might happen.

This is the second week of “doing nothing”.  I’m actually doing a lot, but I’m not writing, as I achieved my huge writing goal two weeks ago–I’m free and clear until mid-January, when I returned to work on the next book.

In the meantime, I’m catching up on production for scheduled books, and blog posts and site work I’ve been putting off for months while I worked to get far enough ahead of the release schedule I could take time off at Christmas.

In the last week, I’ve cleared the bulk of the production work.  All that is left to do now are tasks that are time-dependent.  I’ll tackle those as the dates arise.

So for the next few weeks, until my family arrives in Canada, my big focus will be on blog posts and site work.

Nothing surprising there.  I’m sticking to schedule, and getting things done.

What did catch me by surprise, until I realized that I had secretly hoped it would happen, is that I have regained “spare” time.  On Sunday, I didn’t write at all–I didn’t even sit at my desk.  I did craft work and personal projects and hung out with family.

And it was wonderful.

Now that the mad panic is over, I can feel myself decompressing.  There’s a small pressure to stick to my schedule, but the schedule is not unreasonable, and I’m having a life while I do it.

That is the third leg of the triumvirate:  Write more.  Sell more.  Live well

I’ve been ignoring that third leg for a while, but it is an important one, so it’s good to get back to incorporating it once more.


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