Weekly Log – September 11, 2018 – Caught Inside.

surfer paddling
Shazmyn Ali

Last week’s log:

MONDAY: 4,988 words
TUESDAY: 6,399 words
WEDNESDAY: Plotting (half-day only)
THURSDAY:  Family function
FRIDAY: Plotting
SATURDAY: Writers’ meeting
SUNDAY:  Plotting

I anticipated this highly unproductive week. Family commitments on Wednesday and Thursday were going to take a chunk out of my day, if not all of my day.  A meeting in my city for genre writers was going to take up my entire Saturday.

I knew that before the week started. Therefore, on Monday and Tuesday I wrote like crazy and finished the book early on Tuesday.

That was good timing—I decided it would be smart to also get all my blog posts and emails done, hopefully written right up until the next week.

A couple of late nights, and some heavy duty use of the dictation software, for the increase in speed, got me to the point where my blog post were done for the week.  I blew off all production and administration for the rest of the week, and made sure that I got as much plotting in there as I could for the next book.

Still, I’m not particularly happy about how far behind I am.

I’m still paddling in the soup, trying to barrel my way through waves, so I can get out to the back where the lineup is. In surfing terms, this is known as being caught inside.

I am at the point where cutting my losses and readjusting my production schedule would be considered reasonable and feasible. Only, I don’t want to do it.  I want to hang in there and claw back lost time, even if it’s an inch a day.

For the next couple of weeks I will settle down and be boringly productive. I will try to maintain an even keel, with no major interruptions if I can possibly avoid them.

At the end of two weeks, I will see where I am. Right now, I calculate I am 10 to 12 days behind. If I go to the mattresses and maintain warp speed, I should be able to gain some time in two weeks. If I do, I will keep going at that pace.

If I don’t gain any time at all, then I will have to seriously consider re-jigging the production schedule.


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