Weekly Log – July 27: In Recovery. Again.

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25,797 words last week.

Although it’s not on my Primary production schedule, I spent Primary writing time finishing a 20K novella for an anthology that I am committed to. The deadline was nagging me. Sitting at the back of my brain and blipping every time I thought about my schedule. I decided to get it out of the way so I wouldn’t have to listen to that nagging voice anymore.

I wrote 12K of the novella in one day, and stayed up late to finish it and get it to my editor. And learned that I’m too old for stupid shit like that. I suffered the next day with low energy and no enthusiasm to write. Lesson learned.

I also finished the plotting on the last book of the series that was my other intense deadline. I’m still to write it, but the pressure has backed off a bit.

I also made a decision this week that once this book and series is done, I’m going to take time off from primary writing and relax, for whatever is left of August. A stay-cation, while I top up the creative juices instead of draining them every day. I’ll be doing lots of reading, a little writing, but nothing with a heavy deadline.

I re-worked my production schedule to add in a few boxed sets and collections, which will let me continue to publish without missing a beat, but I can still draw a breath and relax in the meantime.

I’m so looking forward to it. I haven’t had a vacation since I began to write full time, in December 2015!


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