Weekly Log – July 13: Stabilizing.

23,433 words last week.

Finished two books– a novel and a novelette. And also got some development work done on a novella for an anthology that I’m committed to, which has a deadline coming up very soon.

This coming week, I just want to solidify my progress. A good, thorough week of writing and I’ll feel a lot happier. I’m also, as I write this, about to start work on the very last novel in a series for which I had the insane idea of putting out the entire 8 book series on pre-order at the beginning of this year, to encourage reader commitment.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But reader commitment is exactly what it would be for the series if I put them out for pre-order as I finish the first draft. And doing it the old way, I would have avoided the monstrous pressure I’ve been working under for a good six months now, to hit all the pre-order deadlines, not let the readers down, and not piss off Amazon.

Try things and learn, repeat or move on. For this one, I’m moving on. Never again.


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