Weekly Log – March 23: Getting Better

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Photo by Allan Mas on Pexels.com

Total for the week: 40,385 words.

Normally, that many words would be a decent week. It’s nearly 5,800 words a day. But at the moment, to try and get ahead of my production schedule so I have a decent amount of post production time for each book, I need to write 9,000 words a day for a few weeks.

The 9K/day rate only kicked in at the end of last week, after a couple of days dealing with a headache, which was made worse by knowing I was getting into serious trouble with my writing schedule.

Used to be, I’d push a boxed set out for one of my release dates, and give myself some breathing room. I don’t have that option anymore, because I recently put up the entire series I’m currently writing on pre-order– with covers and blurbs and no manuscripts. Now I have to hit my deadlines, with no get-out-of-jail-free card (a.k.a. boxed set/bundle/some other type of compiled product).

So I’ve rolled up my sleeves. What you don’t see in the week’s total of words is that one of those days, I wrote 12,000 words.

It sounds impressive, but I’m getting really tired of the feast/famine routine. Just because I know how to hit the mattresses and pull out some really impressive daily numbers, doesn’t mean I should write that way on a regular basis.

I suspect trying to be more consistent with my word counts will be an ongoing theme this year.


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