Weekly Log – September 28th: Back to work.

20,899 words from September 1st to 26th.

That’s not a huge amount of words for me, but I did a lot of production work, including acquiring and editing stories for an anthology, and producing a handful of boxed sets and collections, which helps push my post-production on new books up from an absolute minimum of three weeks to (currently) 11.8 weeks.

I’ve also rebuilt and re-jigged my production schedule so that post-production length increases gradually. I’m aiming for at least 26 weeks and would prefer longer. With 26 weeks between finishing first draft and the release date, a lot more promotion opportunities open up.

My schedule is much easier, too, with time to get away from the desk and out into the garden or just pottering around the house.

While I was away from PIFW, I also did a lot of heavy thinking about my career and business goals and day-to-day priorities. You’ll hear the results of that thinking over the next few weeks.



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