Weekly Log – December 17, 2019:

This week’s log:

Monday: 0 words
Tuesday: 2,851 words
Wednesday: 7,172 words
Thursday: 7,005 words
Friday: 3,404 words (book finished)
Saturday:  Plotting

For a total of 20,432 words for the week.

There’s no hiding anything, when you’re reporting in public about your productivity, the way I do here.

If you follow these log posts, then you may have noticed that I didn’t post a log last week.

I’m reminded of Marcus Aurelius (and the Stoics in general, at times like this), who said:

“When jarred unavoidably by circumstance, revert at once to yourself and don’t lose the rhythm more than you help. You’ll have a better grasp of the harmony if you keep going back to it.”

In my last log post I mentioned the family emergency.  The week never really recovered, so I had a lot of zeros for word counts and nothing to explain why.  It was simply one of those weeks when I could not seem to get my shit together.  And then I was too embarrassed to report that–at least until I had pulled myself out of the funk.

Yes, it happens to everyone, even me.

I wrote the post about transition time last Friday, because for a while I wondered if that was my issue.  But I write so many books, I doubt that’s really my issue, but merely a handy excuse to not write.

The trick, of course, is as Marcus says–get back to schedule and routine as soon as you can.

I’ll talk more about this on Friday, for it’s a complex subject with a lot of tectonic issues moving under the surface.

So this week, I got back to schedule, although it took until Tuesday to pull that off.  I finished the book (yay!) and moved onto the next one.  I’m hoping to get ahead of the schedule by even a few days, now, because members of my family are arriving at the house for Christmas earlier than I anticipated.  I’ll have to clear days for their visit.

I’m rolling up my sleeves…


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