Weekly Log – December 24, 2019: Put down the keyboard and enjoy your family!

Alberta, Canada — Glowing Christmas Tree in Snow — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

This week’s log:

Monday: 0 words
Tuesday: 2,851 words
Wednesday: 7,172 words
Thursday: 7,005 words
Friday: 3,404 words (book finished)
Saturday:  Plotting

For a total of 20,432 words for the week.

It’s Christmas Eve, so I’m quite sure you don’t care what I wrote last week.

In fact, I wrote nothing.  I’m currently plotting, anyway, but added into the mix (and just like last year) I had family arrive from out of town.

I’m actually writing this somewhere in the past, trying to clear emails and blogs before said family arrives, so that I can relax and spend time with them.

You should do that, too.

I will not be adding a long post on Friday as usual, either.  Depending on how the Christmas break runs, I may even skip next week’s log, too.  We’ll see.

The very best to you and yours.



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