Weekly Log – June 23, 2020: Reconstruction

Monday: 3,139 words
Tuesday: 5,350 words
Wednesday: Admin
Thursday: Admin
Friday: Admin
Saturday: Back to plotting

For a total word count of 8,489 words for the week.

The crisis I was trying to out-write happened anyway.  I wasn’t actually surprised or disturbed by it, because I had semi anticipated it.

I’ll have more detail about the outcome in a Friday post, but the summary is:  I was experimenting with writing two books per month, and expected that experiment to run to the end of the year.  On paper, the schedule was do-able.  It would stretch me to the max and everyone else who supports me, too.  But in theory, it could be done.

Even as I was theorizing on paper, in the back of my mind was a fact I’ve learned from years of keeping production records and word counts:  Theory never matches with reality.  In reality, your word count is always far lower than you think you can manage.   So I was wondering from the outset how the far higher word count and ambitious publishing schedule would pan out.

Last week, I called an early halt to the experiment and consulted with my (newish) support team.  I’ve made a few changes (which will be in the long post), including shifting back to a book every 3 weeks, instead of every 2.  Every three weeks is a far saner schedule.  There’s wriggle room in it, which gives me leeway to deal with life rolls and other snags that inevitably arise.  This was the issue with the 2 week schedule; An off day or a low word count couldn’t be caught up.  There wasn’t room to do it.

Last year I tried keeping a 3 week schedule, and couldn’t manage it–the writing of the books was okay, but the increased production that was needed to release them at that pace drowned me.  So I retreated back to my standard book-every-4 weeks schedule.  But last year, I was doing everything myself.

This time it’s different.  I have help with the production side of things, so I can manage the increased workload.  And there’s wriggle room in the writing schedule, so I know that if I have a bad day, it’s not a disaster.  It can be dealt with and I can catch up.


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