Weekly Log – November 17, 2020: *Now* I’m scrambling!

Last week’s combined word count:  32,180 words.

And then you get a book like the one I’m currently (and still) writing.

I scheduled this book to be 70K words.  I’m currently on 53K and I’m just coming up on what I thought was the mid-point.  It was the mid-point in my outline.  If it remains the mid-point in the book itself (there’s a lot of cutting and crunching I can do as I write the book, when I hit unexpected expansions like this) then it makes this a very long book indeed,

Also, I’m supposed to have finished the book on the 16th.  I’m writing this post on the 16th, just before I knuckle down and write my ass off for the day and I already know that’s not going to happen.

So now I’m scrambling.

I have to get this book finished, of course, so I’m going to have to write into the next book’s scheduled time.  When I’ve finished this book, I’ll have a better idea of how much it has impacted my production schedule and can make plans to catch up.  But right now, when I don’t know how long it will end up being, or when I’ll finish the thing, all I can do is strap in and get ‘er done.

Speaking of which…


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