Walking the Talk

By rights, I should be settling in to write the next post about productivity.  I had it planned — it’s a post about time blocking, and you’ll see that next week.

But, as I mentioned in Tuesday’s log post the current book has blown a gasket and is now a runaway train.  As I write this quick note, it is 6 in the evening, I’m about to head back to the manuscript, which is already at 60K and not slowing down.  I’m doing surgery on the plot as I go, compacting and crunching and slicing away fat.

Rather than short change you with a dashed-off post, I thought I would instead add this note as this week’s post, the theme being:

See?  Even I have to scramble and deal with the unexpected.


Sometimes your muse/the universe likes to remind you who is really in charge by messing with your head.

But as Steven Pressfield mentions more than once in his War of Art series; if you can just show up and start working, the muse will, too.

So I’m heading back to the manuscript to woo her.  Mine’s called Cerridwen.  Yours?

See you on the other side.


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