This week’s log:

Monday:  Plotting
Tuesday: Plotting
Wednesday: Plotting
Thursday: Plotting
Friday: 4,561 words.
Saturday:  4,707 words.

So, after the flurry of the last few weeks, and me very (not so) smartly trying to juggle two books at once, I’m back to one at a time, and thoroughly enjoying myself.  The words are flowing.

It doesn’t really show here, but the plotting went so well, I started writing two days ahead of schedule.

I should have started writing this book on the Monday after this week. Instead I started on the Friday. Now I have two days of fairly solid work up my sleeve. And they were fun days, too. I didn’t have to push myself to hit the preordained number goal. So I was able to ease into what is a new book, for a new series, which is always very slow going at the beginning, and take my time with it.

I don’t know if this will make the book stronger, but this morning when I wrote [which is the day before this post goes live] I zoomed through my word count for the day without any major issues, because a lot of the setup had already been done.

As Science Fiction has been an intimidating bugbear for me for years, this steady progress is very encouraging.



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