Weekly Log – November 3, 2020: Oh, crap…

Last week’s combined word count:  5,082 words.

I haven’t specifically looked back there, yet, but I think I even failed to add a log post for last week.

Talk about a blow up.   Life rolls; left, right and centre.

I did manage to get a few words down here and there, but between ailing cats in dire pain and requiring surgery, disputes with Amazon, production issues and other high stress events, my diet and exercise regimen was also a casualty.

And now I’m dealing with feeling like crap because of all the sugar and carbs I’ve ingested, and trying to get back to a more normal schedule.

The interesting thing about all of this is that I still submitted four stories to pro markets, got some writing done and because of the relaxed new schedule, I’m still not really behind on the book.  But I’m fast running out of wriggle room, so let’s see how the coming week goes (although, I already know that Monday was a wash because of headaches and other Halloween-related fallout.