Primary: Nothing
Secondary: Nothing


Primary: Nothing
Secondary:  1,977 words




Primary:  4,631 words
Secondary: Nothing


Primary:  904 words
Secondary:  Nothing

For a total of 7,512 words.

I’m embarrassed to report last week’s “work”.  Reflection is not giving me any great insights into the lack of word count.  I suspect a lot has to do with me getting used to this lackadaisical pace (for me).  I’ve geared down so much that I’m actually falling behind.  Which is ironic.

Let’s see what I can do to make amends this coming week:  I’m going to have to use up secondary writing time to catch up on the primary stuff, and maybe write more into the evenings, because I really want to get back to the secondary writing, which I was enjoying–to the point where secondary writing might become the reward for getting my primary writing done.

So.  We’ll see.


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