Weekly Log – September 25, 2018 – Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Last week’s log:

MONDAY: 7,839
TUESDAY: 7,305
THURSDAY:  6,104
FRIDAY: 9,255
SATURDAY: 11,737 (Finished book)

For a total word count of 50,409 words for the week.

Another really good solid week. I finished the book on Saturday, which now puts me only nine days behind my production schedule.

The next book on the schedule is one of a very well-established series, book 9. I’m hoping that I’ll make up some serious ground with this one, because the world building and character development is minimal.

And just because I didn’t feel challenged enough, I have also squeezed in the plotting and writing and production for a novelette set in the trenches in France during World War I. I am timing the release for Remembrance Day on November 11, which is the one hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day.

That required a bit of schedule jiggling and some preplanning. Consequently, this week I will be going gung ho on blog posts and emails, so the weekend is clear. I will use Friday, Saturday and Sunday to plot and write the novelette.

And because I am so squashed for time on this book,  the cover is already done, so I can roll straight into production as soon as I have finished the first draft.


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