Talking Productivity with A Marketing Expert


I was a guest on Jonny Andrew’s Author Platform Rocket podcast this week.  It was an interesting — and very high energy — interview that covered the ground where productivity and platform meet.

Here’s the highlights:

Inside this 39th episode of Author Platform Rocket, marketing veteran Jonny Andrews talks about the power of being productive and producing prolific amounts of work with author Tracy Cooper-Posey. Enjoy this interview, because Tracy is the definition of productivity, currently having over 100 titles to her name.

  • Tracy Cooper-Posey has about 107 titles.
  • She is releasing a full-length novel every four weeks.
  • Tracy is doing the plotting of the first draft for a book every four weeks.
  • Speed through your writing so that you don’t over-edit yourself and worry more about the words than the story you are telling.
  • Tracy is more of a plotter (plotting the story out before writing) than a “pantser” (discovering the story as you go) and uses the Three Act structure.
  • She used to teach writing at the university level; now she runs a blog.
  • Amazon favors you when you publish more than every 30 days.
  • Writing a lot of romance novels allows her to service the large number of binge readers, helps them keep track of the story lines (especially with series), and having a big backlist makes it possible to give books away for promotions.
  • Over 2 million books are pouring into Amazon every year, which makes the algorithm more difficult.
  • Self-publishing on her own website gives her more control.
  • Offering books as special offers for loyal readers is one of the many benefits from selling from your own website.

You can catch the full podcast here.

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