Weekly Log – May 29, 2018

Pau Casals


Because I dared speak aloud, last week, of steady progress and boring weeks, I got this past week for my efforts.

Last week’s log:

FRIDAY 6,551

On the positive side, the run of zeroes is not because my inner brat got the better of me.

Instead, it was life genuinely tripping me up.

I spent three days wrestling with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)–everyone’s favourite subject right now.  I have three sites with different profiles, requiring different degrees of adjustment — it was so much fun, especially as the European Union are not in a hurry to define anything in context of a small or micro business.

After the three days of torturous housekeeping, I spent another day finishing the plot for the current book.  As it turned out, I had started writing too soon and not everything had “jelled” properly.  I spent another day teasing out relationships and character histories and reassembling the outline.

Friday, I finally got to write more of the book itself.

Then my weekend bit my ankles.  Family commitments prevented me from reaching my desk on Saturday, as the rest of the world thinks of Saturday as a play day and open to interruptions, etc.

I thought about using Sunday as my Saturday, but in the end decided against it.  Down time is just as important to the long-term full-time writer as scheduled writing time.  I took the break.

This coming week, I intend to catch up with a vengeance, though.

Meantime, back to work — all of us.


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