This week’s log:

Monday: Worldbuilding
Tuesday: Worldbuilding
Wednesday: Worldbuilding
Thursday: Worldbuilding
Friday: Worldbuilding

Another solid week.  This one didn’t quite feel so accomplished, though.  Plotting never does.  It’s too amorphous to begin, as you cast around looking for character and plot lines and try weaving something coherent out of the mess.  It’s not until you have the bulk of the outline figured out that you really feel like you’re getting somewhere.

World building is even worse.  There’s very little show for a lot of hard work. As this is the first book of a new series, I’m making myself take the time to set up everything properly, so I don’t accidentally write myself into a corner, three books into the series.

But after a week of very heavy reading and research, I’ve got a pretty good handle on the major elements of the series.  Next week, I’ll get into plotting the first book.



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