Weekly Log – February 26, 2019. Life Roll #1.


This week’s log:

Monday: 1,568 words
Tuesday: 3,639 words
Wednesday: 11,969 words
Thursday: 6,207 words
Friday: <x>
Saturday: <x>

For a total of 23,383 words for the week.

As it is inevitable that sooner or later, something will jam the spokes of your wheels, I’m kinda glad the first for my year was relatively mild, and also a positive.

My husband and I share the same birthday, which also happens to be our wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the day we met.  On the nearest Saturday to that day, we always hold a “Birthaversary” celebration of some kind.  This year, a big family dinner, which required two days of preparation and one day of recovery.  Sunday is my day off, anyway, so I took a dive for two days.

I was only 5K+ words under budget for the week, which is not bad for having two days off.  I knew it was likely to happen that way, and as you can see, I tried to bank some words during the week to offset the impact.

Now I’m mildly behind on this book, but nothing scary.  I can make up the ground lost if I keep steady for a while.


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