Fracturing Social Media

A quick post today, which bounces off my post earlier in the year, “What Your 2023 Business Year will Look Like…Maybe

Anne R. Allen, who is an expert in author blogging, recently ran a post on her site, “Why Blogging is Essential in the Era of Fragmenting Social Media.”

The very last point in her post is that blogging is an solid plank in an author’s platform.

As I pointed out several weeks ago in the post I linked to above, platform will become essential in the next year or so, as we indie authors navigate the churn thrown up by artificial intelligence, fracturing social media, and the failure of traditional marketing methods like pay-per-click advertising. 

It seems I’m not the only one who is thinking this.

Last year was the perfect time to review and update your platform (or build it).  But now is the next best time. 

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