Weekly Log – July 21, 2020: Back to Stuttering

Monday: Plotting
Tuesday: 7,447 Words
Wednesday: 5,031 Words
Thursday: 6,782 Words
Friday: Business Admin
Saturday: Business Admin

For a total word count of 19,260 words for the week.

And sometimes, life rolls that destroy your productivity can be positive ones.

In my case, I’ve incorporated.  I, along with my husband and son, are shareholders in Stories Rule Press Inc, which will be the publisher for all our books going forward (we’re all actively writing), plus we’ll be getting into other publishing ventures soon, too.

A happy and positive event, sure, but after over 20 years of publishing as a sole proprietor, I now have to retool everything to reflect the new umbrella corporation, and that is a huge time sink.  I already know today (which is the day before this post goes live) that there a good chance the rest of my week will be completely shot, while I convert twenty years of documentation, systems, manuscripts, books…every time I try to do something right now, I’m stymied because three other things are not in place yet.

So I’m drawing a calming breath, and taking the time to get everything done now.  I’ll adjust the production schedule when I’m back to writing again.


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