Weekly Log – October 16 – Double Ugh.

Last week’s log:

MONDAY: 0 words
TUESDAY: 0 words
WEDNESDAY: 6,268 words
THURSDAY: 5,230 words
FRIDAY: 11,751 words
SATURDAY: 0 words

For a total of 23,249 words for the week.

The word count and zero days speak for themselves.

Two things:

One — The weekend before last was Canadian Thanksgiving, and the house was full of family.  I knew going into the weekend that I’d have no hope of writing across that weekend, anSet featured image 2d did get blog posts and emails done beforehand.

Two — I’ve been tussling with a primary shift in marketing my romance fiction that has involved major pivots, retooling, and a high degree of stress because it involves video.  As in, me on camera.  Not a happy combination, but I’m forcing myself to it because I have been convinced of the effectiveness of it.  The weekend was spent setting the major part of that work up.  A necessary hit, but it was a tough week to take it.

So, back to the mattresses this week…


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