This week’s log:

Monday:  Plotting
Tuesday: Plotting
Wednesday: Production Schedule Reorganization
Thursday: Production Schedule Reorganization
Friday: Workshop Presentation preparation
Saturday: Workshop Presentation

For a total of 0 words for the week.

I’ve changed things again.  This may appear to be a spontaneous thing, but the groundwork for the change has been building over the last weeks and months.

The change?

I’ve scaled back the romance writing.  I’ve returned to a book every 4 weeks.  While keeping up with that easy output, I have halved the time I will be devoting to writing romance novels.  The other half of my time will be focused up space opera under a pen name.  Both the pen name and a series have already been published, and the last few weeks of working in science fiction has convinced me to do much more of it.

So I am.

Romance will remain in place for now, as it is paying the bills, but I’m going to give science fiction some serious air time and see where it goes.



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