Weekly Log – August 24: Nearly, *nearly*….

25, 299 words last week.

I got the damned book done. Yah for me!

Did some fast post-production on it, sent it off to the line editor, and got on with the last story to write before I get time off.

Got that story edited and a few pages written, in between cooking for the family members clambering around our roof, ripping out old soffit and fascia boards and installing new ones, before the contractors arrive to install new gutters in about ten days.

Not a bad week, workwise. But man, I was so pleased to finish the book!

As soon as I’ve written this post, I’m rolling over to writing the story (about 9K left to write), and then I am done on any writing until September. I will be spending a lot of time in the garden, and a lot of time reading, and doing administrative stuff.


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