Weekly Log – June 29: There’s always *something* to stop you writing…

24,357 words last week.

In last week’s log post, I had presumed that this week (the one just gone) would be a catchup week. Ha.

I forgot, at the time, that we had our second COVID-19 vaccination shots booked for the Wednesday. We got Pfizer this time, not the Astra Zeneca vaccine, but for two days it knocked me out. Thursday and Friday were both write-offs in terms of meaningful work of any kind.

And Tuesday (grocery shopping), I just didn’t seem to get to writing, as usual.

Saturday, I did a big reset/reschedule covering the next few weeks, which will involve catching up in a big way. It’s do-able, as long as I stick to my schedule.

The difference from usual “I must stick to my schedule” vows, this time, is that I got super-realistic with my calendar. This week coming includes Canada Day, and the lifting of the COVID restrictions in my province. So Canada day will be a family gathering day, which I made allowances for. Plus there is the usual end-of-the-month, beginning-of-the-month heavy time-suck tasks to complete, too. They were also added to the calendar, and writing slotted around them. Plus a lot of usual stuff got jettisoned–secondary writing (what I tend to think of as the fringe stuff, experiments and pleasing myself) won’t get added back to my schedule until I’ve got the primary writing post-production margin built up some more.

Then I got on with writing and managed to get some decent wordage down over the weekend.

Now, I merely have to write when I should, and I should get through the week with a semi-decent wordcount and still be on schedule.

Thing is, there’s always something happening in my life that I can use as an excuse not to write. For example, I’m located in Western Canada, and we’re facing an historic, all-time-record-breaking heat wave this week (as in 10C degrees higher than any previously recorded maximum — global warming, anyone?) If I want to, I could find the torrid conditions too uncomfortable and distracting to write. I keep seeing the Environment Canada warnings and thinking of the approaching heatwave with quiet dread.

Or I can just shrug and write, anyway.

As long as I’m conscious, can sit in a chair and move my fingers, there’s no real reason why I shouldn’t get some words down. Thursday, the day after the vaccine shot, I absolutely couldn’t manage that, or Friday. A pounding head and vertigo, among other issues, out-ranks writing. But the grocery shopping days…I’m declaring war on those. I will absolutely get something written this next grocery shopping day, just to prove it’s possible to myself.


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