Weekly Log – May 18: Onward.

Total for the week: 16,612 words.

I did sort of turn things around this week, as I spoke about in last week’s log. I finished book 8 of the year (that is, story 8 of my primary production schedule, which doesn’t include the secondary stories I’ve completed), but got bogged down in figuring out work processes for the rest of the week, including working out a system to index my notebooks, so I can actually find stuff when I need it.

This sounds like procrastination in its finest form, but it’s really not. Digging out stuff from my collections of research and books is a major time sink and currently not effective. I need a better way to access it all, and have started a system that I hope will solve this.

We’ll see.

On to a more productive week, word-count wise!


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