Weekly Log – May 7, 2019: And another solid week.

This week’s log:

Monday: 0 Words

Tuesday: 8,863

Wednesday: 7,541

Thursday:  0

Friday:  9,399 words

Saturday:  5,573 words

For a total of 31376 words for the week.

The surprise is not how little I wrote (for me), but how much I actually got done.  This week was a perfect storm:

  • major new book launch with attendant hoopla and marketing
  • Annual taxes landed.
  • Inclusion in a big name SF bundle, that required dropping everything and reviewing/reformatting a whole series, and all the guff that goes with that.
  • Month end/month start
  • and trying to get book #100 finished before deadline.

As I mentioned on Friday, not all distractions are negative.  Even good news can side-swipe you.

I’m writing this the day before it posts, and I know already that I got the book finished, and by dint of spending all my spare time and a whole day of writing doing other things last week, I managed to cover off the rest of the crises.

I also lived a very unbalanced life last week, to the point where snarky comments were being made over dinner.  Warning taken:  This coming week, I will ease off the accelerator a lot.


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