Weekly Log – August 27, 2019: Weekends are Slippery

This week’s log:

Monday:  Plotting Book #10
Tuesday: Plotting Book #10
Wednesday: Plotting Book #10
Thursday: 5,392 Words
Friday: 8,180 Words
Saturday:  Nope.

For a total of 13,572 words for the week.

As I was planning, last week, I did get some words done on Book #10 this week.  Just not as many as I hoped.

Another life roll:  A phone company was laying fiber optics in our street this week, and there is a power junction box at the front of our house…so they spent much of Friday, and all of Saturday excavating our yard with heavy machinery. The vibrations were amplified in the basement, where I work, and were not much better upstairs.

It was only after I had failed to get any words done, this weekend, that it finally occurred to me that I should have packed up my laptop and gone to write in the library or the local Starbucks.  Leaving the house isn’t a naturally occuring alternative for me.

Next time, I’ll remember.

So, about 7K to catch up on this week.  Not impossible.  But I’m going to go easy on weekend writing word counts in the future.  The weekends are just too unpredictable, with everyone home.


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