Weekly Log – August 4, 2020: Even More Bumpf.


As I suspected last week, this week was filled with everything but writing.  The lockdown has made every formality twice as difficult, and doubled the effort (and stress) involved in tasks that used to be simple.   I’m still waiting for Barnes & Noble to clear my new vendor account, ten days later (and can’t make any changes to any books until they do).

But those are the times we’re in.

By the end of the week, I cleared up the last of the formalities and set up, and also the backlog of “stuff” — admin and production and maintenance tasks that had been pushed back by the company set up.

I also rolled up my sleeves and tackled the problem of whether I need to push back release dates thanks to this nearly three weeks of administrivia keeping me away from the manuscript.  After conferring with my new business partners, I’ve decided to stick with the schedule as is and catch up over the next few books.  But now I have zero room for any procrastination or days off and will have none for quite some time.

There’s never a dull moment in this business. 🙂


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